London inspired attire for those who don't do shiny


Cross-genre clothing brand phannatiq has been throwing a sideways look at sartorial provisions for the world’s pavement populations since 2010 and their irreverent adherence to social stereotypes have amassed them a following unbounded by traditional attitudes


Brand Director and Textile Designer Anna Skodbo, herself a passionate fan and observer of style and self expression, celebrates that phannatiq has grown to reflect her own ‘clothes for people’ attitude to dressing, successfully rethinking gender and sizing indications across the range and encouraging experiments with body-fit


Renowned for their signature urban disruption patterns, applied through traditional screen-printing techniques, phannatiq has long drawn on London’s domestic and industrial landscapes in the creation of their textiles; introducing a visual texture that sits comfortably within any occasion while offering some surprising discoveries amongst the striking collages


As ethical as they are enjoyable, phannatiq’s garments reflect a core commitment to responsible employment and sustainable manufacture while eschewing seasonal collections for a reliable offering of timeless pieces that transcend the call for wardrobe refresh




Anna Skodbo is the creative driving force behind cross-genre clothing brand phannatiq, part time harpist, and occasional surfer. Steiner school Educated in Edinburgh, she developed a curiosity and respect for social and stylistic individualism that is prominent in all her activities 


From an early life sharing her home with adults with severe learning disabilities, schooling that encouraged self expression and creativity, to years spent childminding and getting by in Oslo, having set off for a new life in Norway at the age of 18, Anna has been shaped by slightly unconventional experiences and carries with her great flexibility and determination as a result


Returning to the UK in 2007 to study Fashion BA (hons) at the University of Hertfordshire, she sought out practical roles facilitating London Fashion Week while honing her business and creative skills that would soon lead to establishing her own brand


Anna holds a deep respect for natural and human resources, and places this commitment at the centre of her brand phannatiq by maintaining supply chains of high sustainability and ethical credibility, and known to accept interns only within a framework of strictly defined learning goals 


As a keen educator, Anna Lectures and supports students of both business and fashion, sharing her specialist insight and successes in maintaining integrity within a solely profit-focussed industry dominated by disposable fashion

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